How long are Wonet rates valid?

Wonet rates for Voice and Data are available in real-time on Wonet site at or at the Wonet App. From Wonet site, click on “Rate” to check both voice per-minute and Data bundle rates. . From Wonet App “Keypad” page, type the destination number and you will get the per-minute rate for the voice call. From the “Plus” select “Recharge Now”, you will get the Data bundle rates.

Are Wonet calls / SMS cheaper than calls / SMS on traditional phone networks (Landline, Mobile)?

Definitely YES. Wonet calls / SMS rates are significantly lower compared with traditional phone networks rates. ON‐NET calls / SMS between Wonet subscribers are free of charge. OFF-NET calls / SMS between a Wonet subscriber and any other mobile or landline worldwide are free from roaming charges and incredibly cheap worldwide.