What is Wonet?

Wonet is a leading mobile App providing roaming free services such as Data SIM in 100+ countries, Voice communications (incoming and outgoing) using your own number in 40+ countries and In-App free calls and texts worldwide. Wonet App can be downloaded from App Store and Play Store that.

Why buying a Wonet Data SIM?

If you wish to subscribe to Wonet data services, then you may buy a Wonet Data SIM in order to benefit from worldwide roaming-free data rates in more than 100 countries.

How to buy a Wonet Data SIM?

You can buy a Data SIM at the Wonet App directly and the SIM will be shipped to your address in 72 hours anywhere you are in the world.

How to use Wonet Data SIM?

After activating the Wonet Data SIM, enable data roaming on 4G/LTE connection in your mobile phone settings. No worries, there won’t be any extra charges with the option data roaming “ON”. Write in your APN settings (Access Point Name) the word “mobiledata”. Enjoy Free Roaming Data usage for one month starting from the date of buying the bundle.

How to activate the Voice Free Roaming Service?

Before buying this service, check if it is available in your country, buy it from the Wonet app and then make a call forward from your phone settings to Wonet number in your country that will be shown within the App notification message.

Now in the “Plus” page you can see that the Call Forward is activated (red) button).

You can deactivate and reactivate the call forward from your original number to Wonet number as much as you want within the subscription period; i.e.: one month starting from the date of buying the service.

Step by Step within Wonet App
  1. Download the App from App Store or Google Play. Installation process requires you to provide your Mobile Phone number to receive your Passcode for completing the registration
  2. Choose one of the two options:
    • Data Free Roaming: In case you want to buy Wonet Data SIM or if you have done it already and you want to activate it
    • Voice Free Roaming: Voice communications (in and out) using your own number
  3. Now, you can make ON-NET free calls / SMS with any Wonet subscriber worldwide
  4. Top-Up your account in the “Plus” page “Recharge now to make OFF-NET calls / SMS
  5. In the “Plus” page you can:
  • Check your Account Balance
  • Subscribe to the Voice Free Roaming (check for eligible countries)
  • Order online a Wonet Data Free Roaming SIM (that will be delivered to you by DHL) and/or activate your existing Wonet Data Free Roaming SIM
  • Check your Call/SMS History
  • Update Your Profile details
  • Access the Help & Support for contacting Wonet, the FAQ and the About
  • Recharge your account with €5, €10 or €20 for low rates international outgoing calls; Subscribe to the Free Roaming incoming Voice Calls; Buy the appropriate Bundle for the Data Free Roaming (by clicking on the Bundle a list of eligible countries is shown)
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